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CEMiPoS Writes for Lausan on Japan's Colonial Legacy

CEMiPoS Writes for Lausan on Japan's Colonial Legacy

CEMiPoS researcher Meindert Boersma wrote an essay on the enduring legacy of colonialism in Japan. The Japanese state's Indigenous policies have continually silenced Indigenous experiences and harmed their emancipation, with the ethnographic "theme park" at Upopoy only being the recent example of the Japanese government missing the mark. Rather than only promoting Indigenous culture, efforts to emancipate marginalized peoples need to directly challenge of the power structures that led to this marginalization in the first place.

Lausan is a collective of radical writers, translators, artists, and organizers sharing decolonial left perspectives on politics in Hong Kong, China, and beyond. The aim of Lausan is to build transnational left solidarity and struggle for ways of life beyond the dictates of capital and the state, challenging imperialism of all forms.

You can read the full article here.

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