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Decolonizing Futures Published

Decolonizing Futures Published

I am happy to inform you of the publication of our book: Decolonizing Futures: Collaborations for New Indigenous Horizons. Four years have passed since I started calling for papers. It has come a long way since then.

In that time, especially over the past two years, my reliable professors and young researchers at CEMiPoS had been devoted to editing of the book. They spared no effort discussing the contents of the book, corresponding with the authors about their contributions, and carefully reviewing each peer-reviewed chapter. We also collaborated with a Polish designer to create a beautiful book cover, borrowing a motif from Ainu traditional patterns.

Decolonizing Futures is made up of 17 chapters and 8 works of art. The majority of contributors, including artists, attended the International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples held in Sapporo in 2017, while others I met as CEMiPoS grew. These contributors are from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Spain, Poland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Our book is an outcome of the international and interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers and artists fighting in solidarity for the realisation of decolonisation, creating the basis for an open academic and art collective producing further outcomes.

Decolonizing Futures: Collaborations for New Indigenous Horizons is available for order via the Uppsala University bookstore. Contact acta[at]ub.uu.se for questions and information.

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