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Solidarity with the People of Myanmar

Solidarity with the People of Myanmar

We at Cemipos stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and ethnic groups in Myanmar. Groups such as the Karen, Wa, and Kachin are disproportionately affected by the violent aftermath of the military coup, facing increased military violence after years of de-escalation efforts.

Military airstrikes on the Salween Peace Park - a Karen initiative for people-centred governance - starting on 27 March 2021 have affected tens of thousands of Indigenous villagers in northern Karen State in Myanmar. The ICCA Consortium, a global association that supports Indigenous peoples and local communities in taking care of life on Earth, has issued an open letter and call to action condemning the military’s human rights violations and violence against Indigenous peoples, ethnic groups, and other innocent civilians. You can find the open letter and call to action here.

As a Salween Peace Park report concludes, “The brutal attacks of the Burmese military junta threaten the lives of people throughout Burma, including in Karen State. These attacks also violate the Salween Peace Park’s core principles of peace and self-determination, ecological integrity, and cultural survival.” You can find the full report here.

Header image by Salween Peace Park. Villagers trying to flee to Thailand gathered along the banks of the Salween River after being forced back by the Thai Army.