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A Message from Marie Persson Njajta for International Women's Day

A Message from Marie Persson Njajta for International Women's Day

Lahkoe nyjsenæjjan biejjine! Happy Women's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate women around Saepmie and the world. A day to show gratitude for all the women who have paved the way for other women, girls, and future generations. Today we pay tribute to all the women who are important role models for all of us, for our young people, big and small, every day. I would like to encourage all women to never give up the fight for their rights and for future generations to live a good life in peace and freedom. Where all children have healthy land and water to pass on. Surround yourself with nature and people who strengthen us and give us hope. Never give up the fight for the right to a dignified life. As an indigenous women, I ask that you continue to pass on the lands, waters, traditional knowledge and culture to future generations, even if it is not always easy. In the Sami Parliament, we will continue to work for equality, for the Sami people, for the whole Sami culture, our industries, rights, language and lands.Lahkoe nyjsenæjjan biejjine! Vuorbbe nissunijbiejvijn! Lihkku nissonbeivviin!

Happy Women's Day!

Marie Persson Njajta, Board of the Sami Parliament, Responsible for Gender Equality, Truth Commission, Health, Elderly and Sport