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Call for participants in an excursion to Nibutani

The Council for Invigorating Local Communities in Biratori town has made its programme of a two-day excursion to Nibutani, the Ainu dominated community in Biratori town, in cooperation with the municipality of the town. They are calling for participants in the excursion. The programme targets international participants in the five-day event to be held in Sapporo from 30 November to 4 December: the International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples: Lessons to be learned, and the Indigenous Art Workshop. The deadline for the application is the end of October.

Those participants in the programme will be guided to the Saru River, which is called a cradle of Ainu culture in the Saru area, Dr. Neil Gordon Munro’ residence, Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum, and so on by an exclusively reserved bus. In addition, Dr. Munro had lived in Nibutani for nine years since 1933 as a medical doctor and a researcher on Ainu culture. He is still revered by local residents in Nibutani for his devoted medical service for Ainu people, and for his friendship with them. The Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum (http://www.town.biratori.hokkaido.jp/biratori/nibutani/) displays lots of Ainu cultural properties collected by the late folklorist Shigeru Kayano out of his own pocket for future generations of Ainu people.

The exclusively reserved bus will pick participants up near Sapporo Station at 9:30 am on 5 December and drop some of them off at 3 pm at the Chitose airport and others at 5 pm in Sapporo on 6. A member of the Council for Invigorating Local Communities in Biratori town is likely to come to the International Conference with detailed information on the excursion. She will certainly be at the registration of the International Conference in the morning on 2. In addition, the organising committee of the International Conference does not take responsibility for the programme. Hopefully, those who are interested in the programme will contact the following email address or FB account.  

Accessible Farm Inn Kumasanso

Dr. Munro's residence in Nibutani