March 10, 2021

Amareya Theatre Shares Message of Solidarity with Ainu Women’s Association

On International Women’s Day, Amareya Theatre sent a video message to the Ainu Women’s Association. Over the past few years, the artist-activists of Amareya Theatre have collaborated with the Ainu Women’s Association in theatre performances, group discussions, and other projects aimed at realizing women’s and Indigenous empowerment. In the video message, Amareya Theatre reaffirms their commitment to collaboration in 2021: “our solidarity and empowerment is always floating towards you”.

At CEMiPoS, we remain committed to our role as an ally of these organizations, which have given a voice to marginalized women from all over the world. Indigenous empowerment is inextricably linked to women’s empowerment, and it is only through intersectional solidarity we can achieve emancipation for all. We look forward to supporting whatever projects the future may hold.

Header image by Tomoko Kosugi. Depicted is the performance of "Nomadic Woman"  performed in Sapporo, Japan in December 2017.