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Katarzyna Postuszak will perform NOMADIC WOMAN with Amareya Theatre in Sapporo

Katarzyna Postuszak, who published her Ph.D dissertation entitled Hijikata Tatsumi’s Ankoku butō – the Theatre of the body-in-crisis in 2014, will perform NOMADIC WOMAN with Amareya Theatre at the Indigenous Art Workshop/Art Exhibition in Sapporo.

“NOMADIC WOMAN” is a cross-genre and cross-cultural performance about women and their inner and outer immigration, about the situation of indigenous women and their relation to inner and outer landscape. The performance grew out of true life story of Inuit Louise Fontain (Greenland). Her “nomadic” life began in Greenland – she was deported to a foster family in Denmark within governmental education programme encompassing thousands of Inuit children in 1960-70s. Fontain didn’t come back home for many years. She lost her mother tongue, contact with family, identity. After many years of exile, she finally realised that her true home is in the inner landscape that she holds within her and in the natural landscape of the far North.