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We are making a draft programme

We, organising members are making a draft programme of the workshop/art exhibition and conference. Fortunately, renowned Indigenous artists and leading Ainu and Sami activists in addition to important Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers are likely to come to Sapporo. Our concern is not how to get many participants, but how to provide participants with a comfortable platform to collaborate with each other for moving Indigenous policy forward.

The day before yesterday, I saw Sameblod (Sami Blood) in a theatre in Uppsala which is remarkably run by volunteers. Amanda Kernell, the director of the movie, focuses on utterly ordinary Sami girls, not a historic heroine or hero. Amanda shows us through their lives historical injustices imposed on Sami people no one can deny, for instance, measuring bodies of Sami people by racial biologists in Uppsala, banning Sami people from speaking their own language in school, providing poor education for them by the authorities, and so on. The audience is supposed to feel empathy with the leading actress.