Sign Our Petition: Revoke Japanese Policy Restricting the Ainu Indigenous Rights to Traditional Resources

You can sign our petition here. Thank you for your support.

In September 2019, Hatakeyama-Ekashi, renowned and elder Ainu activist, was finally able to catch a ceremonious salmon for the celebration without police intervention. However, his action was promptly reported to police who have since subjected him to severe and unjust scrutiny.

We at the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS) are demanding that the Hokkaido prefectural government withdraw its denouncement of Hatakeyama-Ekashi and that it consults the Monbetsu Ainu Association with equal footing about how to manage the natural resources of the Monbetsu River. Please help us make his story heard by signing your name on this petition.

Hiroshi Maruyama
Director of The Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies