Kasia Pastuszak Presents Collaboration Between Amareya Theatre and Ainu Women at Cracow Conference

Last month, CEMiPoS lifetime collaborator and Artistic Director of Amareya Theatre Kasia Pastuszak presented Amareya's artistic collaboration with Ainu women at Cracow, Poland, alongside Polish scholars of Japanese culture, language, and art. They were all funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture - Adam Mickiewicz Institute - to mark the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic …

Grant Approved for Amareya & Cemipos Collaboration in 2020

Lifetime Collaborator Kasia Pastuszak reports that the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has approved a grant allowing the Amareya Theatre in Poland to continue its collaboration with CEMiPoS and the Ainu Women's Association!We at CEMiPoS are looking forward to more exciting performances this year!