Ainu in Diaspora Share Their Stories

CEMiPoS had the privilege of communicating with Ainu-Hawaiian scholar and educator Māpuana Shizuko Hayashi-Simpliciano, who works in the field of Indigenous language and culture restoration. Māpu shared the above video, a collection of testimonials from Ainu outside Japan.

As one Ainu, Tara, explains, “I want to see Ainu people making Ainu art. I want to see Ainu people telling Ainu stories. I want us to take control of our own narrative…I want people to come to us when they want Ainu authenticity.” At CEMiPoS, it is our responsibility and mission to amplify the voices of ethnic minorities and Indigenous peoples all over the world who have suffered and been silenced under systems of oppression. We hope to support Tara, Māpu and other Ainu in diaspora as they fight for their voice.

Follow and support their work and social media through the following channels:

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