One more extended programme of the International Conference in Sapporo

The organising committee of the International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples will host two extended programmes in addition to the International Conference itself, and corresponding Indigenous Workshop/Art Exhibition/Performance. One of them is the excursion to Nibutani, which was announced on 21 October 2017 on this blog. Another one is the following two lectures to be held on 3 December in Sapporo Freedom School:

Madoka Hammine, Ph.D student, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
Educated not to be able to speak your own language? 

Yuito Okada, Epidemiologist, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Cancer Epidemiology Program

Health Activism in Japan and Hawaii; Could UNDRIP promote indigenous health?

Those two extended programmes aim to share the outcomes of the International Conference with local people and civil society. In addition, Madoka is from Ishigaki Island in the Ryukyu Islands. Yuito graduated from a university in Okinawa, and lived in Hokkaido. They kindly help us interpret presentations at session 4: Indigenous women on the front line into Japanese. We are happy to work with those promising young Japanese researchers who study abroad. 

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